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George Bets' crystal ball - My recommended bets

George’s Bets is a project in which I want to challenge myself to make money with betting. In a previous article I have already introduced George’s Bets. You are invited to take a look if you want to know more about this project. On this page I share all my future bets with you. The below table(s) will be updated with every new bet that I expect to be profitable. If you like betting just as much as I do, you are free to follow my bets. Remember though: bet responsible!

SELECTION | Describes on which selection of the 1X2 odds I have placed a bet (home, draw, away).
MIN. ODDS | Indicates the lower bound, which means that you should only bet on a match if the odds offered by the bookmaker are larger than or equal to the value of LB. For example: if LB=3.15 for a certain match, you should only bet on this match if the bookmakers offer odds larger than or equal to 3.15.
ODDS, STAKE, BOOKMAKER | Detailed information about my actual bet. Contains the exact odds and stake size, and the name of the bookmaker at which I have placed my bet.


► How much money does George’s Bets make?

Since I have just started George’s Bets there are no results to show yet. As soon as I have any results to show they will appear here.

However, I do have simulated the historical performance the predictive model behind George’s Bets. Over the last 10 seasons this model would have had an return on investment (ROI) of more than 8.5% by betting on the English Premier League. For more information check this post where I introduced the concept of George’s Bets.